Sony A9S 48″ Bravia OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR-XBR48A9S

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Experience deep black and natural colors of OLED in a more compact size, powered by the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. Complimented by Acoustic Surface Audio, sound comes from the entire screen to put picture and sound in perfect harmony. Enjoy OLED picture quality and cinematic audio packed into a beautifully compact form with Sony’s 48” MASTER Series A9S BRAVIA OLED TV.

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Get to know this product.

  • Bring out the beauty of OLED with the powerful Picture Processor X1 Ultimate.
  • Sony MASTER Series TVs are meticulously engineered with the goal of faithfully reproducing the creator’s true intent.
  • Millions of individual pixels are supercharged by the Pixel Contrast Booster for more vibrant colors to complement absolute OLED black.
  • Acoustic Surface Audio produces 2.1 channel sound from the entire screen, creating an immersive multidimensional audio experience.
  • Sony’s Android TV with Google Assistant gives you a smarter, easier way to get more from your TV.3
  • Take your PlayStation® experience to the next level with a Sony 4K gaming TV featuring dedicated Game Mode for a smoother, more responsive gaming experience.
  • Experience a more natural picture with 4K X-Reality PRO & Object-Based Super Resolution.
  • See exactly what the creator intended with the advanced color and gradation of TRILUMINOS™ Display.
  • OLED + X-Motion Clarity makes fast-moving scenes bright and clear
  • Picture and sound are automatically adjusted to your environment with Sony’s unique Ambient Optimization™ technology.
  • Works with AirPlay 2 to easily stream content from your Apple device.7
  • Compatible with Google Nest Devices, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit for an even smarter home.
  • See the big picture with HDR, Dolby Visions™, IMAX Enhanced™ and Netflix Calibrated Mode.
  • The super-slim one-slate design and narrow aluminum bezel harmoniously blends into any environment, keeping you focused on the picture.
  • Hang your TV like a work of art with the SU-WL855 ultra-slim wall-mount bracket for select Sony BRAVIA™ OLED and LED TVs.
  • Calman™ auto calibration mode makes high-performance screen calibration easier than ever.

Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate, bringing the best out of OLED beauty.

With unmatched processing power, the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate analyzes content to bring out OLED’s intense contrast with pure blacks, peak brightness and natural colors. Object-based HDR remastering happens in real time to detect hundreds of individual objects on-screen and intelligently upscale everything you see to near-4K HDR quality so everything you watch is clear, bright, and incredibly realistic.

The best picture quality with Sony’s MASTER Series TVs

Sony’s MASTER Series TVs are the very best of Sony, created to exemplify the goal of faithfully reproducing the creator’s true intent on-screen. These TVs are engineering marvels that are meticulously designed with the latest and greatest proprietary TV technology. Sony’s MASTER Series TVs deliver the best picture quality, no matter what you watch.

Boosting OLED color and contrast for extra depth and realism.

Over 8 million self-illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate and supercharged via the Pixel Contrast Booster to enhance color and contrast in bright areas so you can enjoy scenes full of lifelike shades and hues, more depth, fine texture, and the pure black contrast that only OLED can deliver.

Acoustic Surface Audio

Sound on conventional TVs with a speaker located below the screen is often out of sync with the picture. With our Acoustic Surface Audio, sound comes to you from the entire screen, creating an immersive multidimensional audio experience. It’s picture and sound in perfect harmony. With a subwoofer integrated into the rear of the TV, you’ll hear more dynamic, bass-heavy sound – ideal for action movies and music.

Watch what you love, control it with your voice.

Sony’s Android TV with Google Assistant makes it easier to get more from your TV. Press the Google Assistant button on your remote to quickly search 500,000+ movies and shows, get recommendations to match your mood, control smart home devices, and more. Cast photos, videos, and music from smart devices to your TV with Chromecast built-in and get all the top apps and games on Google Play, like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, and more.

Perfect for PlayStation®

Take your PlayStation® experience to the next level with a Sony 4K gaming TVs and enjoy a big-screen experience with incredible picture quality and immersive sound. Powered by our family of X1 Processors, see games come alive with vibrant colors and deep contrast that brings out the finest details. And with dedicated Game Mode, you’ll enjoy a faster, smoother, more responsive experience in the midst of battle or sporting glory. True-to-life color, detailed contrast, fast response time and immersive sound, all designed to optimize your PlayStation experience.

Supreme resolution, whatever you’re watching

Any kind of content can be upconverted to lifelike 4K resolution with Sony’s unique 4K X-Reality PRO and Object-Based Super Resolution. Our Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate precisely analyses and processes data to enrich pictures with lifelike detail, textures, and clarity in everything you watch. Leveraging intelligent dual database processing, content looks cleaner with less on-screen noise. Even images filmed in Full HD are upscaled close to 4K resolution by 4K X-Reality™ PRO. Every single pixel is enhanced beautifully by Sony’s Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate.

TRILUMINOS Display, bringing you all the world’s colors

By widening the color spectrum, TRILUMINOS Display, powered by the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, reproduces more colors than a conventional television. It analyzes and processes data in every image to make colors even more natural and precise, so pictures are closer than ever to real life. See exactly what the creator intended with the advanced color, light, and gradation of the TRILUMINOS™ Display.

Bright and clear motion.

With pictures created by millions of individually controlled pixels, everything is sharp and clear on OLED. And with our X-Motion Clarity™ technology, even fast action stays smooth and clear. Moving images are precisely controlled to minimize blur so that pictures remain true with less loss in brightness during high speed scenes.

Supreme pictures and sound, whatever the environment.

Sit back and enjoy the best possible viewing experience. Sony’s unique Ambient Optimization™ technology automatically adjusts picture and sound to your environment. An embedded light sensor optimizes picture brightness to room conditions, boosting brightness in light rooms and reducing it in dark ones, so you get the perfect view. For uncompromised sound, Acoustic Auto Calibration™ analyzes the rooms environment and reproduces sound that’s enhanced and optimized to your room.

Works with Apple AirPlay 2

With Apple AirPlay 2, you can stream video and audio to your television right from your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Watch movies and shows from your favorite apps and the Apple TV app, or even Safari. Share your photos with everyone in the room.

Well-connected to your smart home.

With Google Nest Devices and Amazon Alexa compatibility, simply voice-control your TV and ask it to do things like cast and control videos from YouTube with Google Nest or change the channel or volume with Amazon Alexa. Apple HomeKit support seamlessly integrates your Apple devices with your Sony TV for effortless smart home management.

See the big picture with HDR, Dolby Visions, IMAX Enhanced and Netflix Calibrated Mode.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture is the way TV was always meant to be watched. Ultra-high resolution and HDR video content combine to bring dazzling detail, color and contrast to everything you watch, while keeping a far wider range of brightness. Dolby Vision™ brings scenes to life with striking highlights, deeper darks and vibrant colors. The IMAX Enhanced™ program brings the immersive entertainment experience into the home. IMAX Enhanced content is digitally remastered to provide sharper images and more powerful sound—just as the creator intended. Netflix Calibrated Mode was specially developed to enjoy Netflix original content and reproduce picture quality as brilliant as the studio evaluation monitor, faithfully reproducing the creator’s intent and vision. Whichever format, Sony TVs deliver picture-perfect reality, creating an immersive and engaging cinematic experience.

Incredibly thin one-slate design.

With our super-slim one-slate design, the screen meets the edge of the TV, blending harmoniously in any room environment. The flush surface with narrow aluminum bezel keeps you focused on the picture, not the television. Integrated cable management keeps wires neatly hidden so your television stays free of clutter and looks good from any angle.

Mount your Sony TV like a work of art

Make the most of your living space. The SU-WL855 ultra slim wall-mount bracket is designed to hang select Sony BRAVIA™ OLED and LED TVs flush to the wall, just like any other work of art. Pull out your TV and swivel it left to right to adjust the screen angle for optimal viewing.

Experience content as the director envisioned

When pictures are digitally compressed from film to TV, quality is compromised and your experience is not as the director intended in the studio. A wide range of unique features lets you enjoy studio-quality entertainment in your own home, just as the director envisioned.

High performance calibration for professionals

Our TVs receive high performance calibration that has never previously been possible using Calman™ software. It allows adjustments to be made with finer precision than conventional picture quality settings to meet the strict requirements of creators in the post-production stage. Colors are reproduced with maximum fidelity to the original TV signal, giving exceptional picture control for a TV. Calman also features an easy-to-use interface that has been well received by calibration specialists.

Useful Documents

Misc. Specs

Product Weight 38.8
HDMI Inputs 4
Wall Mountable Yes
Screen Resolution 4K
Width (in.) 42.13
Depth (in.) 10.13
Height (in.) 24.88
Screen Size Class (in.) 48
Screen Size (Measured Diagonally) (in.) 47.5
Screen Refresh Rate (Hz.) 60
Color Black
Num Usb Port 2
Display Technology LED
Voice Control Alexa/Google
Collection A9S
Color Finish Name Black
Smart Compatible Yes
Wifi Capable Yes
Airplay Capable Yes
Bluetooth Capable Yes

10 reviews for Sony A9S 48″ Bravia OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR-XBR48A9S

  1. Brun

    Beautiful Color

    Great picture, but was surprised by the lack of audio treble & bass controls.

  2. Jesse85

    lk About An Upgrade…

    I bought this a little over a month ago and it has FAR exceeded expectations. Even though I have come to expect superb quality with Sony electronics…nothing could have prepared me for the precision, sharpness, intelligence, attractiveness, and overall incredible experience with this product. Even what I have written, does not do the product justice. I am still blown-away. :p

  3. Ryan HTown

    Easy to set up – Great television

    I purchased this television for our Sunroom to replace a 10 + year old Sony Bravia 42 inch LED 1080p television. My issue had been that with all the sun light from three walls of windows, I had difficultly viewing the screen. The OLED screen has solved that issue. Set up was a breeze (I ignored the Google assistance and used my Fire TV Cube 2.0). The TV and Cube worked together and the settings transferred from the older television to the new one.

  4. bigheadtek

    So Far, So GREAT!

    Really love the TV, the colors are vibrant and the detail in the picture is fantastic. Fits perfectly in the space I had available. I was worried that the sound wouldn’t be satisfactory but it is very good so there is no need for a sound bar. I had one potential issue as one night the sound stopped. Tried to isolate what was going on (e.g., checking to see if there was sound out of headphone jack or TOSLINK) – there wasn’t so I suspected the “audio hardware” had failed) to no avail. Finally rebooted to original setup and this cleared the problem so it looks like it may have been software related. Still don’t know what caused the issue but it has not returned. As an aside, I don’t use much (or any) of the “connected” features and usually don’t have the TV connected to the internet.

  5. Jameson777


    Bought a month ago great TV. Really like how easy the tv is to use

  6. ReenS

    Incredible picture

    This tv has a great picture and great sound. All the apps work flawlessly. Great job Sony.

  7. edinson andrei

    Excellent product.

    This was a replacement for out Sony Bravia which lasted 15 years. The old one was terrific but this far surpasses.

  8. Skier Bob

    Hugh learning curve

    Picture wise the set is great. Been trying for three days to get a dvd player /recorder as HDMI item #2. Will keep trying until I get it working. This is almost as good as my old plasma. Happy with picture but worn out with the dvd device not recognized.

  9. GManPit

    I bought 2 of these recently and love them!

    I bought 2 of these a couple of weeks ago. These TV’s have great pictures! I have purchased Samsung TV’s before and had issues. I now have 4 Sony’s and all of them are excellent with no issues.

  10. Cwess351

    Excellent OLED TV

    I bought this for a smaller area. I have the 55in A9 Master Series. Itt is a superb OLED!

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