Samsung 300W Black Sound Tower Speaker-MX-T40/ZA

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Stereo sound with 300 watt high power bi-directional speakers. Bass boost for sound you can feel. Get the room jumping with 300 watts of power. Pump it up and keep the good vibes flowing.

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  • Bi-directional Sound
  • BASS Booster
  • LED Party Lights
  • Group Play

Give your sound a boost

Kick up the sound with 300 Watts of high power.

Bi-directional Sound

Experience wider room filling sound.

Bass Booster

Boost the bass with the touch of a button.

LED Party Lights

Experience light effects that pulse with the beat.

Group Play

Connect and sync multiple Samsung Sound Towers to amplify your sound experience.

Wide-range sound

Uniquely designed bi-directional speakers fill any space with 300 watts of high power audio.

Bring the bass

Boost the bass with a touch of a button.

Lights. Music. Dance.

Create the right setting for any mood with various light modes including Party, Ambient, and Dance.

Multiply your sound

Connect and sync multiple Samsung Sound Towers* to amplify your sound experience.

Poolside ready

With a spill resistant top-panel, you don’t have to worry about accidental drips and splashes.

Double the fun

Connect two different smart devices at the same time so you can conveniently switch between devices.

Connect with ease

With a built-in USB port, you can easily connect your external device and hit play to listen to your favorite music.

Useful Documents

Misc. Specs

Frequency 50/60
Voltage 110/240
Color Finish Name Black
Wireless Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Battery Included Yes
Bluetooth Capable Yes
Shipping Width 14.2
Shipping Height 23.6
Shipping Depth 13.5
Color Black
Number of Speakers 4
Speaker Type Sound Bars
Depth (in.) 10.6
Height (in.) 20.9
Width (in.) 11.5

4 reviews for Samsung 300W Black Sound Tower Speaker-MX-T40/ZA

  1. Dave

    Great speaker for families

    Let’s start off with what you should do as soon as you get the speaker unboxed. Do yourself a favor and look up Samsung’s support page for the T40. Download the firmware update onto a USB drive and plug the drive into the speaker. Let the update apply, the display shows the progress, when finished remove the drive and download the Bluetooth stack update. Plug the drive in, let the update apply, and your ready to rock. The bluetooth update in particular seemed to improve the performance of the speaker, gave it better bluetooth range. Now that you are up and running, start streaming your content to the speaker using a phone, tablet, whatever bluetooth capable device you have and listen to your chosen media. Use the included remote to make adjustments to the sound profile as you see fit and crank it up. The speaker can get loud, very loud, indoors it can blast you out of a room. That is a good thing though, plenty or volume for whatever activity you choose, indoors or out. My kids love taking the T40 out by the pool so they can listen to music or podcasts while splashing the summer away. At night they love adjusting the lighting profile from ambient to wild dance party type light patterns. They also enjoy the included DJ functions which allow them to apply a few included sound changing patterns to their music. The speaker is big, and weighs a decent amount, but the included carry handle makes moving the T40 around easy. We sometimes have it in a bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the garage, outside, it goes all over the place. The T40 is easy to use. Today’s kids are so surrounded by tech, my kids never even read the instructions, they just knew how to use it. There are plenty of options for getting your material to the speaker. Bluetooth, USB drive, or direct connection. We have used them all and they all work, it’s just easy. My family loves this speaker, yours will too, give it a shot. You will be happy you did.

  2. Ryan

    Great sound

    Great speaker. Upon opening the box I was amazed by the look and design of the speaker. The speakers are placed and the sides to insure equal sound distribution. This might have been a Great idea. The control buttons are conveniently place on top. I thought that this would be a wireless speaker but I learned that it was not. Rgere was a power cord that can be attached and detached. It also comes with a handy dandy remote control for changing the sound control and volume. Setting up was easy.. pairing with our phones was a breeze as well. I messed with the different dj like sounds. Pretty cool to have once you’ve mastered it. Not heavy and easy to carry around. The sound isn’t as loud as I would have preferred. Better sound indoors in my opinion. The sound is crisp and clean. My only issue is that I expected a much louder sound. I really thought it packed a punch at 300 watts but no.

  3. DangRight

    Samsung T40 Sound Tower Rocks n Rolls

    I received the Samsung T40 Sound Tower, and am in love. I purchased it as I love to sit outside in my hot tub and I needed something I could listen to music through that is solid and portable. The Samsung T40 Sound Tower is that, plus the sound quality is amazing, the lights are phenomenal, and it is so easy to use for all ages!! My kids are trying to fight me for it, so that says A LOT!! Even my pets are intrigued by the lights and clear sound! Since we have been using this more, the speakers really put out the bass sound like nothing else I have ever experienced. The remote capabilities enable this to be used inside as well as outside from a distance and they are extremely easy to use, especially for someone with joint issues such as myself.

  4. MBornia

    Good little speaker

    The T40 tower is a nice little speaker for my townhouse. It doesn’t get too loud, which is probably good for where I live. I have to crank it all the way up to really feel the sound. I do enjoy the bidirectional sound…pretty good coming from a single speaker unit. I like the fact that you can change the lighting from ambient to matching the beat of the song. I have had some issues with bluetooth; it seems to be a bit touchy with it. I’ve done some troubleshooting and it still drops every once in a while if I mess with my phone too much. I have also connected the speaker to my PC to add some better sound on music and streaming. It is nice and light and easy to transfer throughout the house. I’ve even used it in the garage for a BBQ. Was great for entertaining guests. Can’t wait to do some karaoke with my kids. I’ve played various types of music and the sound is great with anything you play. Bass boost makes a big difference in overall sound. This has also been great for gatherings and hanging out in my yard. A great find!

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